Home & business security solutions

If you’re looking for 24-7 home or business security we’ve got you covered. From home alarm systems to HD network camera surveillance systems and key card access, you can rest assured that your home or business is completely safe.

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Our Services

We specialize in every form of home and business security and safety:

  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Network Thermostat Systems
  • Home & Business Security Cameras
  • Personal Emergency Response
  • Access Control

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Our Services

  • Convenient, on-premises control of the system through your smartphone, PC, or web-enabled device.
  • Manage energy costs with thermostat and lighting control.
  • Lock and unlock doors automatically.
  • Video surveillance right at the keypad or through local web-enabled devices.
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Nusystems Home Security
Nusystems Home Security

Integrated Security Systems

  • Hardwired or wireless systems custom designed for your home or business.
  • Intruder Detection with strategically placed motion detectors.
  • Perimeter doors and windows provide the first line of defense.
  • Cellular backup ensures your system is working even if you phone line is not.

Network Thermostat Systems

Take control of energy costs for your home or business. Go green with an energy control system designed for simple programming and control through a handheld device or PC with internet connection.

  • Temperature Control – Monitor and adjust temperature
  • Low Temperature – Alerts you when temperatures reach dangerous levels
Nusystems Home Security
Nusystems Home Security Cameras

Home & Business Security Cameras

Our Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Camera Systems are quality tools to assist with business and site management. The NVRs are available in configurations from one to 32 cameras, and provide recorded digital images which can be viewed in real-time or for a previous date, and managed from the work site or from off-premise. Access to these high quality digital images provides evidence for law enforcement, management tools for training and customer service, and a means of managing multiple sites, 24/7.

Our systems are also flexible and synergistic, able to provide images, point-of-sale information, and on-site or off-site management of alarms, door openings, HVAC settings, and similar functions. Our Sales Consultants are qualified to provide Loss Management consul beyond installation of the NVR, with suggestions to direct attention to details that might otherwise go undetected.

Our quality approach to installation and service assures you, as the customer, that the system will work as advertised at installation.

Personal Emergency Response

In the event of a fall or an emergency, help is available at the push of a button. A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) enables you or a loved one to instantly connect to a trained personal response associate who can send help quickly – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Immediate Push Button Connectivity to Loved Ones and Medical Professionals
  • Full Emergency Response
  • Daily Medication Reminders
  • Home Safety Sensors
  • Non-Emergency Communications
  • Daily Wellness Verifications
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection
Nusystems Personal Emergency Response

Security Access

Honeywell’s NetAXS-123 is a web-based access control solution starting one, two or three doors. Perfect for smaller sites such as restaurants, medical offices or daycares, NetAXS-123 offers the scalability to easily and affordably expand the system one door at a time. NetAXS gives you all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping you secure your doors, manage employee access, and manage sites remotely. It also lets you pull reports easily to meet compliance requirements. With a browser-based interface, your learning curve and training time are significantly decreased. And you don’t have to have a dedicated PC—simply log on and you’re ready to go, securely—from the office or anywhere.